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What can you do as a community?

Set up a Carbon Watchers group


The Carbon Watchers Project (CW) is loosely based on the philosophy of Weight Watchers: encouragement, no blame or shame, sharing ideas to reduce our personal carbon footprint. 


It encourages members of both formal and informal groups (friends, neighbours, clubs) to work towards reducing their carbon footprints, using any of the tools suggested on this website or the  Zero Carbon Shropshire website where the project is explained in more detail.   Click here for a toolkit on how to set up a Carbon Watchers group.


The Great Collaboration  is an online Toolkit set up by Herefordshire Green Network which contains 60 different carbon reducing actions you can take rated by cost and carbon impact. This includes a section on how you can join with other people to use your voice to call for change.



Kids Gardening
Image by Sergey Tarasov
Start a climate conversation


Inspiring local actions are already happening, and we can strengthen these and generate further impetus by sharing our experience and knowledge.


To get you started here are some questions to start the conversation ….


  • What’s the best thing your group/organisation/ school has done in the last year to help cut greenhouse gas emissions or loss of natural habitat?

  • What’s the most important thing you want to do next?

  • What will help you do that?


… and here are some ideas to consider for your community or group.

Contact us  to find out more.

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