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Taking action!

The impacts of the climate crisis will affect everyone living on the planet.


The scale of action required can feel overwhelming.  “Climate doom” is where we don’t take action because we think it’s a problem we can’t solve, compared with “climate denial”, where we don’t take action because we don’t think there is a problem.


However, although politicians, businesses and other institutions have a critical role to play, it is important to realise that we can all take meaningful action. The more each of us does, the more impact it will have.


Consider, for example:

  • The Loop’s advice to reduce the vampire load of your electrical appliances at home - by switching them off rather than leaving them in standby mode*

  • And We are Possible’s advice to talk about the climate crisis to our friends, family, colleagues and neighbours, which can help empower others to understand the crisis we face and take action.


This website shows what can be done at home and work, by individuals, communities and councils, to reduce carbon emissions and protect nature.   

*The Loop’s research showed the average household could be wasting £325 [2023 figures] on their Phantom Load annually, with this set to increase as energy prices rise. As wasted energy contributes to around a third of an average energy bill, it’s a simple way to make a big impact. 

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