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Use renewables

Use energy from sources that don't produce carbon emissions

  • To find out more about renewable energy options for your home please read our Energy Efficient Homes Information Sheet (No. 13)  

  • Consider using energy from a renewable source or supplier

  • Shift your energy use to night-time (off-peak periods) where possible (many appliances can be timed)

  • Change your heating system to one that uses renewable energyeg a heat pump or electric heating. But insulate your property first

  • Install solar panels - if your property is suitable.  Here are some questions to ask a solar panel installer.

Touching Solar Panel

Renewable energy tariffs

Most energy suppliers offer a renewable energy tariff. 

You can find more information at the Energy Saving Trust: Green Tariffs.

Off-peak tariffs and time shifting

Some renewable tariffs offer cheap electricity at off-peak times, typically for 4 to 6 hours overnight. However, the price can be higher than the standard tariff during the peak period and there is often a higher daily charge.

You should consider these tariffs if you can use high-energy appliances (such as washing machines, dishwashers and immersion heaters) in the off-peak period. They are especially valuable if you own an Electric Vehicle.

Heat pumps

Home energy professional, Dave Green, installed an air source heat pump (ASHP) in his 1930's semi in Shrewsbury in 2021 as part of a staged home retrofit project.

This webinar (1 hour 12 mins) tells you what he did and the economic and carbon benefits of doing so.


You can see more videos about heat pump installation via the Heat Geeks playlist on heat pumps and other renewable technology. 

Solar panels

This webinar (1 hour 20 mins), by solar specialist, Gordon Coppock (a Member of the Institute of Physics), evaluates the costs versus benefits of solar PV and solar thermal, including how to maximise your energy savings. 

Here is a link to Energy Saving Trust’s new expert Guide to solar panels 

Woodburning stoves

Jeremy Brignell-Thorp (a member of Lightfoot), discusses the pros and cons of burning wood, including the latest evidence about air pollution, and how to optimise the efficiency of log burning stoves in this webinar (1 hour 15 mins).


wood burner for warmth
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