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What can you do as an individual?

What is your Carbon Footprint?

Carbon Footprint calculators are online tools to measure the amount of carbon emissions generated by the way people live   The calculator may require information about your home, diet, how you get about, what you buy etc. From your answers it will calculate your carbon footprint.


There are many carbon footprint calculators, (we have included some examples), all use similar data sources but the assumptions they use about carbon use mean they may generate slightly different footprints. 


The important thing is to choose a calculator that appeals to you, and stick with it.  By repeating your carbon calculations every 6 months you will be able to track your progress towards zero carbon.

Grocery Shopping
Try out these Carbon Footprint Calculators        

Explore your personal carbon footprint with these handy online carbon footprint calculators. You may be surprised!

Image by Alexander Grey

"Cutting your Carbon Footprint" leaflet 

SSCA’s "Cutting your Carbon Footprint" leaflet provides practical steps to reduce your carbon emissions. 

South Shropshire Climate Action cutting your carbon footprint

Attend a carbon literacy workshop

Learn about the climate crisis and what you can do to help

Save Our Shropshire  run a householders course, approved by the Carbon Literacy Project, for those wanting to understand enough to be able to persuade family, friends, work colleagues and others in their community why and how to change their lifestyles to reduce carbon emissions.


Click here to find out more:  Workshops - Save Our Shropshire


Sign up to a local challenge

The Great Collaboration  is an online Toolkit set up by Herefordshire Green Network which contains 60 different carbon reducing actions you can take rated by cost and carbon impact. There are actions suitable for all individual circumstances. 

  • You can enter the carbon reducing actions you've already taken.

  • Say which actions you’ll commit to next and which you won't do (and why).

  • The Toolkit will use your anonymous information, along with everyone else's, to paint a powerful picture of what's happening locally.

  • This information can be used to inform your local council and help them develop a carbon reduction plan based on specific, local needs. 


Sign up to a national challenge

Take the Jump

is a grassroots movement for anyone worried about the state of the planet.  Try the challenge for one month to take six shifts in how you eat, dress, travel, shop, holiday, and can help to change the system.

The goal is a world of less “stuff” and more joy, where humanity is in balance with nature - through helping achieve a two-thirds reduction in the impact of consumption in rich countries by 2030.  Science shows this is what is needed and citizens have a huge role in making it happen.

Join a local climate action group near you

Put in your postcode in to the Mossy Life form below and find a Climate action group near to you.

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