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Local lobbying

Why lobby?

Making climate-friendly personal choices is important.

However, we know that behavioural changes by individuals and their local communities cannot reduce carbon emissions on the scale scientists tell us is crucial to avoid catastrophic climate change.

National and Local Government and businesses must take action too.

Climate Protest
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How to lobby


Take a look at Market Drayton Climate Action’s dedicated Lobbying section on their website for inspiration, suggested content and contacts on who to lobby by topic. 


Every month their members lobby those who can make changes at scale.  This may be:

  • companies extracting fossil fuels

  • the banks and pension funds who invest in them

  • and other organisations with large carbon footprints.


You can also write directly to government leaders and potential leaders, nationally and regionally, holding them to account for climate promises broken and demanding the serious, strong actions we expect from them.  

Join the lobbying network in Shropshire

Climate and environment groups across Shropshire are working together to share their lobbying efforts.

If you would like to be added to the What’s App group set up for this purpose, please email to request this.  This will require you to provide your mobile phone number.



Shrewsbury North West Relief Road


A key lobbying issue in Shropshire is the Shrewsbury North West Relief Road (NWRR)


The decision to proceed with the construction of the NWRR ignores both expert and popular objections.  It will cancel out the carbon saving initiatives we need to reach net zero carbon. The proposal is both out of date and ecologically destructive. 


Read more about the objections to the NWRR by clicking the button below:

Write to your MP
You can also write to your local MP to demand action in relation to climate change policies. 
Click here and type in your postcode to find your MPOr use the details below to contact your MP. You can call, email or write to them.  As long as you are within their constituency they are obligated to respond

North Shropshire - Helen Morgan

01939 809387
1st Floor Offices,
Maypole Court,

Telford - Lucy Allan

01952 290039
Suite 1, Preston House
Hawksworth Road

Ludlow - Philip Dunne

01584 872187
Ludlow Constituency Conservative Association
54 Broad Street

Shrewsbury - Daniel Kawczynski

01743 233646
Shrewsbury & Atcham
Flat 1, 17 Meadow Place

The Wrekin - Mark Pritchard

01952 256080
25 Church Street

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