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SSCA sent Shropshire Council "15 Transport Asks" .

These are the four relating to public transport. 


1.  Transform bus services to maximise the shift from car trips to buses

2.  Fund the transformation of all buses so that they are zero carbon

3.  Introduce a “one ticket” public transport policy covering all buses regardless of operator and all local rail (see for example, Transport for Cornwall).

4.  Design and fund a best practice Park and Ride service for Ludlow and Bridgnorth served by electric buses.

SSCA received a response from Shropshire Council. Click here to read their answers 

Sitting in Bus

Every village, every hour

CPRE's "Every village, every hour" report (2021) sets out what a comprehensive bus network for England would look like, with services to every village every hour, and the scale of investment required. It would provide a bus service fit for the climate emergency and address the inequality and social exclusion caused by the dominance of cars in rural life.


cpre bus use report
Shropshire-based campaign group

​BeST: Better Shrewsbury Transport


BeST (Better Shrewsbury Transport) comprises a group of organisations and individuals keen to engage positively with the council to promote active and sustainable solutions to the town’s transport challenges.  It is campaigning for urgent action to promote active and sustainable modes of transport. 

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