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Advice & funding

  • Many of the energy-saving measures have reasonably short payback period and if you can afford them they will pay for themselves

  • ECO 4 grants are available for those eligible, including people on benefits

  • The most recent ECO Plus grants (aka the Great British Insulation Scheme) will be available to anyone in poorly insulated (EPC D or below) houses in council tax bands A to D. They are not means tested

  • The Boiler Upgrade Scheme provides grants of £7,500 towards the installation of a heat pump

  • Build your own retrofit plan using the MEA's Plan Builder

  • See below for advice

House Renovation
What is a Household Energy Survey (HES)?

A Household Energy Survey (HES) is a thorough analysis of your home and energy use and would normally include:

  • Heating – boilers, heat pumps, electric heating, controls, radiators/underfloor heating

  • Hot water – storage, distribution and use

  • Insulation – roof/loft, floor, walls, windows and doors and related structural issues

  • Draughtproofing, cold air infiltration and ventilation

  • Lighting and appliances

  • Historic/real-time energy consumption, bills and advice on tariffs

  • Opportunities for renewable energy generation and storage


Read on below for local HES providers.

household energy survey
Household Energy Survey providers

Marches Energy Agency (MEA) provide:

  • free energy advice on saving money on your energy bills and home energy efficiency

  • home visits to conduct Household Energy Surveys via Keep Shropshire Warm/Healthy Homes Shropshire

  • support accessing grants for heating and insulation, resolve issues with energy suppliers and fuel debt

  • energy advisors can also provide drop in advice sessions in local communities.

Lightfoot Enterprises provide the following services in south Shropshire and Powys:

  • Household Energy Surveys (HES) Household Energy Surveys (HES) and associated advice on how to make your home more energy efficient.

  • there are also opportunities to be trained as a volunteer to conduct HES.

Stretton Climate Care provide:

  • Household Energy Surveys and information on retrofit for people living within a 5 mile radius of Church Stretton. 

  • a free drop in advice session on Thursdays 10-12pm at the Wellbeing Centre, Easthope Road, Church Stretton for any energy related questions including support with energy bills 

Further helpful websites

  • Shropshire Council

    • Sustainable Warmth Shropshire - supports low income and vulnerable households to improve energy efficiency. Grants are currently  restricted to dwellings that do not have a mains gas connection

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