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Car travel

20's Plenty

20's Plenty for Us is a national movement with almost 700 local groups, campaigning for a speed limit of 20mph on residential streets and in town and village centres. 

  • Most of the UK's larger cities have adopted 20mph for their residential streets

  • 28 million people in the UK live in places where 20mph is the urban/village norm

  • At least 8 Shropshire town councils endorse the 20's Plenty campaign:  Shrewsbury, Shifnal, Oswestry, Ludlow, Bridgnorth, Bishop's Castle, Broseley, Cleobury Mortimer.

There are multiple benefits including road safety, carbon emissions and environmental quality.

Join the 20’s Plenty Facebook Campaigner’s Group or go to the 20's Plenty website.

Photo credit: 20's Plenty

20 miles an hour sign
Car share clubs

Co Wheels was set up to provide an environmentally friendly, community-based alternative to car ownership.


Co Wheels has grown to become the UK’s largest community interest car club operator, operating pay-as-you go car clubs, pool car fleet management and franchise operations in over 60 towns and cities across the UK with a 24/7 call centre.

Co Wheels’ Shropshire Car Club has cars in Shrewsbury and Ludlow. You can join this Shropshire car share club here.

CoMoUK is a national organisation that provides help with setting up new car share clubs

electric car
Electric Car Charging Station
Electric Vehicles

Sustainable Bridgnorth’s leaflet provides useful information on using electric vehicles for both short and longer journeys, how to charge your car at home and the costs involved.

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SSCA's objection to the Shrewsbury North West Relief Road 
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