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SSCA's '15 Asks' of Shropshire Council

SSCA's '15 Asks'

In June 2023 SSCA wrote to Shropshire Council seeking a formal response to specific proposals, called the '15 Asks'.  


We received a response from which gives the latest position of the Council on transport issues across the county. Click here to read it.


The '15 Asks'

1.  Transform bus services to maximise the shift from car trips to buses

2.  Fund the transformation of all buses so that they are zero carbon

3.  Introduce a “one ticket” public transport policy covering all buses regardless of operator and all local rail (see for example, Transport for Cornwall)

4.  Design and fund a Park and Ride service for Ludlow and Bridgnorth served by electric buses

5.  Design and fund cycle paths to connect schools and colleges with their catchments and  promote the widespread availability and adoption of electric bikes

6.  Design and fund car-share clubs/schemes 

7.  Establish planning policies and rules to require workplace and school travel plans with specific targets for the reduction of car trips

8.  Establish planning policies and rules to require all new housing to be designed and located to maximise the opportunities for active travel and public transport

9. Establish a county-wide “Mobility as a Service” (MaaS) project

10.  Fund public electric vehicle charging points 

11. Adopt 20mph speed limits county-wide

12  Reduce embodied carbon associated with transport infrastructure

13  Adopt freight consolidation measures to reduce delivery vehicles and promote e-cargo bikes in market towns for collection and delivery

14  Adopt Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) principles to exclude or limit vehicles on designated streets

15  Improve pedestrian facilities and infrastructure such as wider pavements and car-free streets

Image by Majestic Lukas
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