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Repair & repurpose

What are Repair Cafés?

Repair Cafés are free meeting places where local people can take their broken items, volunteers help to repair them. and where people may also be taught to repair their own items.


This may include:

  • Clothes

  • Soft toys

  • Household furnishings 

  • Furniture

  • Electrical appliances

  • Bikes 

  • Household items including crockery

  • Ornaments 

  • Garden tools etc.

This video shows a Repair Café in action: About Repair Café - Repairing for a Sustainable Future (

Repairing Tablet
Image by Eugen Str
Actions you can take

1. Set up a Repair Café in your community
Download this tool kit, developed by Ludlow Repair Café, which provides the paperwork to help new Repair Cafés set up in Shropshire. This will download as a zip file or you can find the tool kit via the Lightfoot Enterprises website (scroll down to the Tools For Change section).


The National Repair Café website also provides guidance on how to set up a repair café


2. Find a local Repair Café
Take your broken items to one of the l
ocal Repair Cafés in Shropshire.  Click on the Mossy Life map below which shows you where  you can find your nearest one and which dates they run

3. Volunteer with a Repair Café

Consider offering your fixing and mending skills as a volunteer

Find a local Shropshire Repair Café here
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