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Farmers Market
Actions you can take for a healthy diet which also reduces carbon emissions:
  • Aim to be food waste free

  • Eat more plant-based foods  

  • Eat less, but buy better quality local meat and dairy

  • Buy local, seasonal and organic produce

  • Support farmers markets and local box schemes

  • Use local independent retailers

  • Choose Fairtrade-certified products

  • Select fish only from sustainable sources

  • Eat a healthy balanced diet and less processed food

  • Grow your own or join a community garden or food Co-op


What is the carbon footprint of your diet?

Use the Centre for Alternative Technology’s online interactive tool: Laura’s Larder.  Input your daily meals and it will calculate the impact of your diet on the climate and suggest some lower carbon alternatives 

Assess the sustainability of your food shop
  • 23% of your carbon footprint comes from the products you buy at the supermarket

  • Impact Score® Shopping is an app you can use when shopping or at home to scan the barcodes on food products and find out how ethical and sustainable they are.  It will tell you if they have a low, medium of high carbon footprint. It will also suggest ‘more sustainable’ alternatives for products.

Shopping Basket
Image by Dan Burton
Grow your own food

Grow your own food – reduce the carbon miles of your meals

How to get involved locally 

Find out more about the expanding local food network in Shropshire

Shropshire Good Food Partnership works with different stakeholders across Shropshire to:

  • provide individuals and groups with support to set up and manage community-based food growing, cooking and sharing initiatives

  • support land-based enterprises and food businesses with innovation and create opportunities to access local markets and develop the local food economy

  • bring together stakeholders including Local Government to engage on policy and planning and deliver goods and services

  • Working  groups include: Grow Local, Sustainable Food Economy, Wise Land Stewardship, Nature Connection, Reducing Food Waste, Healthy Food For All 

  • Contact for more information:


Slow Food Ludlow Marches organises events such as themed meals, tastings, producer visits, markets, talks and demonstrations. The group describes its aim as “supporting local, small scale, sustainable food production” and has recently had a particular emphasis on supporting and preserving local endangered foods.

The Slow Food Movement is a global, grassroots movement that links the pleasure of food with a commitment to community and the environment. 

Vegetable Garden
Image by Spencer Scott Pugh
Join campaigns for more sustainable agriculture

Join campaigns for more sustainable agriculture:

  • The Soil Association campaigns for healthy, humane and sustainable food, farming and land use

  • The Sustainable Food Trust explores solutions for a food and farming production system that causes the least possible harm to humans and the planet

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