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Swap & Share event: Toolkit

Friends Shopping

Here's how to run a Swap & Share event


Book a suitable community space; a stall on a market; arrange a pitch outside an amenable shop; or set up a table on your street


Make a poster with the event details and what people can bring to swap (it could be a single theme e.g. a clothes swap or a swap featuring any or all of the following e.g. clothes, household items, toys, games, CD’s, DVD’s, books, plants, seeds, harvest produce etc.


Put the posters up around the local community and post to social media


Set up your table on the day and get swapping!  If you are doing a clothes swap it is helpful to have a clothes rail and hangers (charity shops may be willing to provide these)


Arrange a donation bucket to allow people to take things on a pay as you can basis


If you are having swaps more regularly you can advertise the next swap at this event to help spread the word


Think about where you store any left over stuff or where you could take it (e.g. charity shops, crisis support organisations, day care centres, community libraries – its good to check what they need first)


Think about doing a risk assessment and you may want to get public liability insurance if you are doing these events regularly

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