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SSCA’s response to the government’s decision to roll back on the UK climate commitments

Jane Cullen

23 Sept 2023

Our letter to Philip Dunne MP

On the 23rd September we wrote to Philip Dunne MP, to make the following points:

  • 2023 is the hottest year ever recorded;

  • We in the UK lack climate leadership at all levels, especially government;

  • The Office for Budget Responsibility has recently highlighted the economic benefits of speedy action on net zero and the financial risks associated with any delay;

  • If we continue to use fossil fuels for our cars and heating this will drive up costs;

  • Children experience profound anxiety as they try to grow up amidst all these pressures;

  • Lack of action on the climate emergency creates more hardship and disintegration of communities while damage to the environment and nature accumulates;

  • Milestones on the way to 2030 are missed that makes a net zero transition so much more difficult, so much less likely.

  • Surely Prime Minister Sunak can see the climate emergency cannot be used in the ordinary way to score political points?

Please write to Philip Dunne yourself (the Rosebank oilfield and the closing of the Energy Efficiency Unit both happened last month too). His email address is:

Philip Dunne’s own letter to Prime Minister Sunak on behalf of the Environmental Audit Committee can be read here


[Photo credit: The chart is by Ed Hawkins, University of Reading using Met data and depicts Shropshire's increasing annual temperature change since 1884].

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