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Mossy.Life - Shropshire’s online local green guide

Caroline Talbot 

1 Mar 2024

For all Shropshire's green events, groups, activities and more

This beautiful county not only provides magical green rolling countryside, but is the home of a whole array of green-minded individuals, companies, organisations and groups, all trying to gain traction in working towards a net zero way of living. From  start-up zero waste shops and community litter picking initiatives, to energy saving workshops and organic farms, Shropshire has so many green heroes working towards a more sustainable future. Although it is true that every little really does help, it is also true that by connecting like-minded people and working together, we can help amplify the effect.  

In 2019, Caroline Talbot, a Shropshire born environmental educator, wanted to make a difference, so started to build an online free to use directory whilst on maternity leave. The website Mossy.Life has gone from strength to strength and now lists over 630 organisations and groups, and between 50-500 environmental events in the online calendar at any given time.

How you can use Mossy.Life

If you know of an individual, organization, group, product or event that isn’t yet listed, please get in touch to help spread the word by sending an email to Caroline at

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