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South Shropshire Climate Action (SSCA) is a coalition of local organisations and networks concerned about the climate and ecological crisis.  


We wrote a Climate Action Plan for the South Shropshire area, the ‘Next Steps’, launched in May 2021 to enable the Ludlow constituency to achieve a carbon net zero target by 2030, whilst also contributing to human and environmental health and well-being.   


We appreciate that achieving net zero by 2030 is ambitious, requiring resources and commitments from national and international agencies far beyond our ability to influence. However, SSCA in conjunction with Shropshire Council, Zero Carbon Shropshire and the Church of England have all adopted 2030 as the date because more urgent action is required than is being achieved by the government’s commitment to achieve net zero by 2050.


Shropshire's carbon emissions

A note on data

There are many carbon calculators and each measures greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in different ways. Comparing the results from different calculators can lead to misunderstandings or false conclusions. Please read this even if, or especially if, data is not your thing.

When we wrote the Next Steps report transport’s contribution to Shropshire’s GHGs was assessed at 37%. This was based on the most accurate published data at the time from the UK government, but the government data did not include any assessment for the two most significant agricultural GHGs, methane and nitrous oxide. In more recent published data sets these two GHGs have been added, and this changes the percentage contributions from other sources, such as transport. Thus, the Impact Calculator assesses agriculture as 27% and transport as 32%.

It is very important to understand that the apparent reduction in transport’s contribution to Shropshire’s GHG emissions is not because there has been a decrease in transport emissions, but reflects that agricultural emissions were significantly under stated in older published datasets. The two most significant sectors for GHGs in Shropshire remain as agriculture and transport, and both need to be addressed if we are to reach net zero.

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