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  • Local lobbying | SSCA

    Local lobbying Why lobby? ​ Making climate-friendly personal choices is important. However , we know that behavioural changes by individuals and their local communities cannot reduce carbon emissions on the scale scientists tell us is crucial to avoid catastrophic climate change. National and Local Government and businesses must take action too . ​ How to lobby Take a look at Market Drayton Climate Action ’s dedicated Lobbying section on their website for inspiration, suggested content and contacts on who to lobby by topic. Every month their members lobby those who can make changes at scale. This may be: companies extracting fossil fuels the banks and pension funds who invest in them and other organisations with large carbon footprints. You can also write directly to government leaders and potential leaders, nationally and regionally, holding them to account for climate promises broken and demanding the serious, strong actions we expect from them. Join the lobbying network in Shropshire ​ Climate and environment groups across Shropshire are working together to share their lobbying efforts. ​ If you would like to be added to the What’s App group set up for this purpose, please email to request this. This will require you to provide your mobile phone number. Shrewsbury North West Relief Road A key lobbying issue in Shropshire is the Shrewsbury North West Relief Road (NWRR) The decision to proceed with the construction of the NWRR ignores both expert and popular objections. It will cancel out the carbon saving initiatives we need to reach net zero carbon. The proposal is both out of date and ecologically destructive. Read more about the objections to the NWRR by clicking the button below: Read more here Write to your MP ​ You can also write to your local MP to demand action in relation to climate change policies. Click her e and type in your postcode to find your MP . Or use the details below to contact your MP. You can call, email or w rite to them. As long as you are within their constituency they are obligated to respond . North Shropshire - Helen Morgan 01939 809387 1st Floor Offices, Maypole Court, Wem SY4 5AA Click here to email Telford - Shaun Davies House of Commons London SW1A 0AA Click here to email South Shropshire - Stuart Anderson 01584 872187 Ludlow Constituency Conservative Association 54 Broad Street Ludlow SY8 1GP Click here to email Shrewsbury - Julia Buckley House of Commons London SW1A 0AA Click here to email The Wrekin - Mark Pritchard 01952 256080 25 Church Street Wellington TF1 1DG Click here to email

  • Home | South Shropshire Climate Action

    Read More Welcome! South Shropshire Climate Action (SSCA) is a coalition of local organisations and networks concerned about the climate and ecological crisis. We wrote a Climate Action Plan for the South Shropshire area, the ‘Next Steps’, launched in May 2021 to enable the Ludlow constituency to achieve a carbon net zero target by 2030, whilst also contributing to human and environmental health and well-being. We appreciate that achieving net zero by 2030 is ambitious, requiring resources and commitments from national and international agencies far beyond our ability to influence. However, SSCA in conjunction with Shropshire Council, Zero Carbon Shropshire and the Church of England have all adopted 2030 as the date because more urgent action is required than is being achieved by the government’s commitment to achieve net zero by 2050. Read more about us here Read our Climate Action Report What is the Climate Emergency? Shropshire's carbon emissions Click on this link to see Shropshire's GHG emissions in piechart form A note on data There are many carbon calculators and each measures greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in different ways. Comparing the results from different calculators can lead to misunderstandings or false conclusions. Please read this even if, or especially if, data is not your thing. ​ When we wrote the Next Steps report transport’s contribution to Shropshire’s GHGs was assessed at 37%. This was based on the most accurate published data at the time from the UK government, but the government data did not include any assessment for the two most significant agricultural GHGs, methane and nitrous oxide. In more recent published data sets these two GHGs have been added, and this changes the percentage contributions from other sources, such as transport. Thus, the Impact Calculator assesses agriculture as 27% and transport as 32%. It is very important to understand that the apparent reduction in transport’s contribution to Shropshire’s GHG emissions is not because there has been a decrease in transport emissions, but reflects that agricultural emissions were significantly under stated in older published datasets. The two most significant sectors for GHGs in Shropshire remain as agriculture and transport, and both need to be addressed if we are to reach net zero. Contact Us If you would like to join South Shropshire Climate Action, participate in our meetings, volunteer with us or simply find out more we would be glad to hear from you. Let us know if you have any information that you would like to share with us including any relevant events that you would like us to publish in our joint monthly newsletter and on social media. We would love to hear about what you are doing in your community. Please email us at ​ Or get in touch using the form below. Contact us Get in touch with us! Complete the form below if you have a general enquiry or want to get in touch with us, or sign up to our joint South Shropshire Climate Action and Zero Carbon Shropshire monthly newsletter here. First Name Last Name Email Message Send Please see our Privacy Policy . Thank you for your message we will respond as soon as possible!

  • Newsletters | SSCA

    Newsletters South Shropshire Climate Action and Zero Carbon Shropshire now publish a joint newsletter once a month. Please see our current and past editions going back to September 2022 below. Click on a cover to open the pdf version. Sign up to receive our joint newsletter by email here. July 2024 Click here June 2024 Click here May 2024 Click here April 2024 Click here March 2024 Click here Februrary 2024 Click here January 2024 Click here December 2023 Click here November 2023 Click here October 2023 Click here September 2023 Click here August 2023 Click here July 2023 Click here June 2023 Click here May 2023 Click here April 2023 Click here March 2023 Click here February 2023 Click here January 2023 Click here December 2022 Click here November 2022 Click here October 2022 Click here September 2022 Click here

  • South Shropshire farmers working together for environmental benefit | SSCA

    < Back South Shropshire farmers working together for environmental benefit Kate Mayne 9 Jan 2024 Report from the Clee View Farmers Group In the Clee Hills area of South Shropshire a farmers group instigated by the local community is proving the benefit of working together. The Clee View Farmers Group was set up in June 2022 and currently has a membership of 57 farmers across 13,321 hectares. The group’s aim is to share learning and seek practical solutions to producing affordable food whilst dealing with environmental challenges such protecting & enhancing biodiversity and reducing emissions of carbon, phosphates, ammonia etc. Over the last year and a half the group has held events on herbal leys, rotational grazing systems, soil health and more. There have been talks on priority species, research into new biodiversity markets & even a debate about rewilding with WWF. The group has undertaken carbon foot-printing on 38 member farms and in 2024 will be working to understand the main Greenhouse Gas emissions from farm practices in the area and what can be done to reduce them. The group’s soil health testing programme in 2023 delivered some fascinating results and highlighted some real positives from current farming practices. For both arable and grassland samples from 54 farms the average organic matter content of soils was high & carbon stocks were above the national average. There is lots more work to do in 2024 as the group considers what can be done to enhance the nature recovery network whilst maintaining food production on our fertile soils. For more information please contact Kate Mayne: Previous Next

  • Announcing the Climate Conference for Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin: Saturday May 18th | SSCA

    < Back Announcing the Climate Conference for Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin: Saturday May 18th Fiona Morgan 21 Mar 2024 Book your tickets now for this event being held at Shrewsbury Town Football Ground You can now book your tickets to the Climate Conference which will focus on how we can accelerate action to achieve net zero in Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin and engage local communities to make that happen. The event is being organised by Zero Carbon Shropshire, South Shropshire Climate Action and Save Our Shropshire with support from young people on the Environmental Leadership Programme . The schedule for the day can be viewed on Eventbrite. It includes morning panel discussions and afternoon workshops covering the following themes: land, transport, energy & buildings, circular economy and engagement tools. Organisations are also invited to apply to have a stand at the event. Book your tickets via this Eventbrite link . There are 2 types of ticket: free tickets and a separate ticket option if you wish to make a donation towards the cost of refreshments. Lunch is provided. If your organisation would like to register an interest in having a stand at this event please complete and submit this online form . Charges apply. You can share a stand with other groups. We are looking for volunteers to get involved in helping to organise the event and on the day. If you are interested please contact Previous Next

  • Ludlow Town Council has become the latest Shropshire authority to back the Climate and Ecology Bill.  | SSCA

    < Back Ludlow Town Council has become the latest Shropshire authority to back the Climate and Ecology Bill. Jane Cullen 15 Mar 2023 More support in Shropshire for the Climate and Ecology Bill. At a meeting on Monday night, councillors decided to unanimously back a motion calling on Ludlow Town Council to express its support for the Bill. The town clerk will now write to South Shropshire MP Philip Dunne, urging him to support the draft legislation as it makes its way through Parliament. So far over 200 UK councils and 125 MPs have expressed their support for it. The Climate & Ecology Bill aims to introduce a new UK law to deal with the full extent of the climate and nature crisis. It would ensure the UK slashes emissions in line with the 1.5C target; reverse UK biodiversity loss by 2030; ensure that the entirety of the UK’s global carbon and ecological footprints are accounted for; and invite the public to be part of the discussion on how to tackle the crisis. Jane Cullen from South Shropshire Climate Action, who spoke in favour of the motion in the public session of the town council meeting, said: ‘ I am pleased and relieved that Ludlow Town Council is backing this Bill. We’re already seeing the effects of the climate and ecological emergency here in South Shropshire, and we’re desperate for new laws to protect us, our beautiful county, and the wildlife we share it with. ’ Ludlow Town Council joins Shropshire, Bishop’s Castle and Ryton & Grindle Parish Councils on the list of Shropshire authorities that have come out in support of the Bill, with motions being tabled at Shrewsbury, Whitchurch, and Oswestry Town Councils later this month. So far only one of Shropshire’s five MPs – Liberal Democrat Helen Morgan – has publicly expressed support for the Bill. It will be reintroduced into Parliament later this Spring. Jamie Russell, a spokesperson for campaign group Zero Hour Shropshire, which is campaigning for the Bill locally, said: ‘ We’re extremely grateful to Ludlow councillors for supporting this motion. At Zero Hour Shropshire we’re hoping that more parish and town councils will back the Bill and we’d love to hear from any councillors who would like to know more about this very simple motion of support. Every Council that gets behind the Bill will help encourage more of Shropshire’s MPs to realise that the time for this vital legislation is now. ’ Previous Next

  • Government Consultation on National Planning Policy affecting the climate crisis | SSCA

    < Back Government Consultation on National Planning Policy affecting the climate crisis Jane Cullen 28 Feb 2023 Shropshire's climate action groups come together to respond to the consultation and the on-shore wind ban I n February SSCA convened a meeting with Zero Carbon Shropshire and representatives of other climate and environment groups in Shropshire (including Lightfoot Enterprises, CPRE Shropshire, Bishop’s Castle Climate Action Group, Share Energy, Shropshire and Telford Community Energy, Ludlow 21, Stretton Climate Care, Clun Climate and Environment Group) to discuss a response to the Government consultation on the National Planning Policy Framework Consultation , specifically on the topics covered under: Chapter 7 - Protecting the environment and tackling climate change; Chapter 8 - Onshore wind and energy efficiency. The deadline for the consultation is 2nd March. If you would like to see a copy of our response please email: Taking further action on the on-shore wind ban A response to the same Planning Consultation is an Open Letter from Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall and over 100 leading thinkers on energy and the environment to The Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, and The Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP, Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero, calling on them to lift the on-shore wind ban in England – which has the power to address climate change, help the UK meet its net zero targets, and give us all greener, cheaper electricity. We have signed this letter along with other Shropshire climate action groups. The letter can be viewed on the We Are Possible website . You can take action via this link . Previous Next

  • SSCA's first Retrofit Services Consultation Event, Craven Arms | SSCA

    < Back SSCA's first Retrofit Services Consultation Event, Craven Arms Mike Bourke 20 Jun 2023 Bringing groups from the Marches together to discuss retrofit and next steps for the region The Energy and Buildings Group of South Shropshire Climate Action organized a Consultation on Tuesday 20th June at the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre in Craven Arms. The purpose was to improve co-operation between the different groups offering retrofit services across the Marches, and those attending represented Shropshire Council, Herefordshire Green Network, Marches Energy Agency, Lightfoot, Telford Climate Action, Sustainable Bridgnorth, Stretton Climate Care and environmental groups in Broseley, Clun and Market Drayton. Two of those attending are also elected members of Powys and Herefordshire Councils. The day consisted of three workshops: 1. A Directory of Retrofit Providers and Specialists . People who want to retrofit their homes need to know of contractors with the relevant skills and qualifications. At present, some organisations have their own lists based on local knowledge, though all have, of course, to emphasize that they cannot recommend these firms or accept liability for any work carried out. It was agreed that a Marches-wide list should be produced, prefaced by a list of questions which customers should ask before any contractor is employed. A small group will take this forward over the coming weeks. 2. Grants and Funding . Tony Baker of MEA described the current Government funding schemes available to householders (Boiler Upgrade Scheme, Great British Insulation Scheme and the Home Upgrade Grant - the latter being restricted to households on means-tested benefits or with an annual income of less than £31,000). We also discussed a proposed Lottery Fund application for a scheme to insulate individual rooms within houses. 3. Household Energy Surveys . These can take two forms of different levels of complexity, depending on whether the aim is to measure the household’s existing carbon footprint or to prepare the house for a retrofit programme. Presentations were made by Stretton Climate Care, Lightfoot and MEA. Rob Narraway gave a demonstration of a Thermal Imaging Camera, and the use of the Retrofit Roadshow Van was described. The cost of the various schemes was discussed, and training will be offered to newly formed community groups. It was generally agreed to have been a useful day in co-ordinating the efforts of the various agencies across our region. Previous Next

  • Shropshire & Telford residents go to Restore Nature Now March in London | SSCA

    < Back Shropshire & Telford residents go to Restore Nature Now March in London Fiona Morgan 22 Jun 2024 Coming together to call for urgent action on the Climate and Nature crises Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin were well represented at the Restore Nature Now national march on 22 June with residents from Broseley, Craven Arms, Ludlow, Much Wenlock, Oswestry, Shrewsbury and Telford among others, descending on London to make their voices heard. Over 60,000 people were noted to have taken part calling for the Government to take immediate action to address the nature and climate crises and protect and restore our UK wildlife. Among the 350 groups represented included the National Trust, RSPB, Woodland Trust, The Wildlife Trusts, Extinction Rebellion, Surfers Against Sewage, as well as indigenous people from the Global South who are in the direct line of fire from these devastating interconnected crises. Make your vote count for Climate and Nature on the 4 July. Previous Next

  • Individual choices| South Shropshire Cli

    What can you do as an individual? What is your Carbon Footprint? ​ Carbon Footprint calculators are online tools to measure the amount of carbon emissions generated by the way people live The calculator may require information about your home, diet, how you get about, wha t you buy etc. From your answers it will calculate your carbon footprint. There are many carbon footprint calculators, (we have included some examples), all use similar data sources but the assumptions they use about carbon use mean they may generate slightly different footprints. The important thing is to choose a calculator that appeals to you, and stick with it. By repeating your carbon calculations every 6 months you will be able to track your progress towards zero carbon. Try out these Carbon Footprint Calculators Explore your personal carbon footprint with these handy online carbon footprint calculators. You may be surprised! WWF Carbon Footprint Calculator ​ Quick and easy to use Compares to others in your postcode area Ide as on how to reduce your carbon emissions Download mobile app from App Store: or Google Play . Giki Zero Carbon Footprint Calculator Easy to use Methodology and data sources explained Encourages use of actual figures to increase accuracy Looks at all areas of your life Tips and advice to reduce your carbon footprint. Carbon Savvy Carbon Footprint Calculator Provides comprehensive info and carbon-saving tips Includes your share of carbon emissions generated by public infrastructure including the NHS, schools etc. Three options to assess your carbon footprint with different degrees of detail. Focuses on health, wealth and well-being benefits Climate Hero ​ Easy to use Doesn't ask for contact details Suggestions to improve your score are given ​ ​ Actions to reduce your carbon footprint 1 Download our Leaflet 2 Attend a carbon literacy workshop 3 Take actions on housing, energy, food & travel 4 Sign up to a local challenge 5 Sign up to a national challenge 6 Join a local climate action group near you (1) "Cutting your Carbon Footprint" leaflet 1 SSCA’s "Cutting your Carbon Footprint" leaflet provides practical steps to reduce your carbon emissions. Download the leaflet here 2 (2) Attend a carbon literacy workshop Learn about the climate crisis and what you can do to help ​ Save Our Shropshire run a householders course, approved by the Carbon Literacy Project, for those wanting to understand enough to be able to persuade family, friends, work colleagues and others in their community why and how to change their lifestyles to reduce carbon emissions. Click here to find out more: Workshops - Save Our Shropshire (3) Take actions on housing, energy, food & travel 3 Actions on your house and your energy use ​ Actions on the food you eat and throw away ​ Actions on how you get around ​ Actions on reusing, repairing, sharing ​ 4 (4) Sign up to a local challenge The Great Collaboration is an online Toolkit set up by Herefordshire Green Network which contains 60 different carbon reducing actions you can take rated by cost and carbon impact. There are actions suitable for all individual circumstances. You can enter the carbon reducing actions you've already taken. Say which actions you’ll commit to next and which you won't do (and why). The Toolkit will use your anonymous information, along with everyone else's, to paint a powerful picture of what's happening locally. This information can be used to inform your local council and help them develop a carbon reduction plan based on specific, local needs. 5 (5) Sign up to a national challenge Take the Jump is a grassroots movement for anyone worried about the state of the planet. Try the challenge for one month to take six shifts in how you eat, dress, travel, shop, holiday, and can help to change the system. ​ The goal is a world of less “stuff” and more joy, where humanity is in balance with nature - through helping achieve a two-thirds reduction in the impact of consumption in rich countries by 2030. Science shows this is what is needed and citizens have a huge role in making it happen. (6) Join a local climate action group near you 6 Put in your postcode in to the Mossy Life form below and find a Climate action group near to you.

  • SSCA met with Philip Dunne (MP for the Ludlow Constituency) | SSCA

    < Back SSCA met with Philip Dunne (MP for the Ludlow Constituency) Nick Read 11 Apr 2023 SSCA discussed our first 6 months and next steps On Tuesday 11th April Jane Cullen (SSCA Chair), Fiona Morgan and Nick Read (SSCA Project Co-ordinators) met local MP Philip Dunne. Although Philip had met both Jane and Nick previously this was an opportunity to introduce Fiona and to highlight the progress that had been made since the appointment of the two Project Coordinators in June. He was impressed with the level of activity within his constituency, the degree of coordination and collaboration that was being achieved, but also recognised the need to significantly increase climate-related actions. A sense of urgency had been engendered by a recent visit of the Environmental Audit Committee (which Philip chairs) to the UK Arctic Research Station, whose scientists warn that global warming is proceeding faster in arctic regions than had been predicted. Philip also indicated that the Climate and Ecology Bill (currently going through the House of Lords) was unlikely to have enough parliamentary time to succeed in the House of Commons. On a more positive note he wanted to use his influence to enable clusters of farmers to work together on landscape scale interventions. Previous Next

  • The role of the Upper Onny Farmers' group | SSCA

    < Back The role of the Upper Onny Farmers' group Nick Read with information supplied by Cath Landles 1 Feb 2024 One of the farmers groups in South Shropshire We are fortunate in South Shropshire to have existing landscape-scale farmers’ groups, including the Upper Onny Farmers Group (UOFG), a key component in the restoration of wildlife habitats across 220 square km within the Shropshire Hills National Landscape (the new name for Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty). UOFG was formed in 2018 and comprises 20 farmers who farm in and around the Upper Onny Valley, which lies in the Shropshire Hills between the Long Mynd and the Welsh Border. The group is co-ordinated by Cath Landles of the Shropshire Hills National Landscape Partnership. Since its launch it has been involved in two Defra Test and Trials of the proposed new Environmental Land Management (ELM) schemes, produced 17 Whole Farm Plans, delivered 10 farm-based environmental workshops and demonstrations, created and restored hay meadows, species rich grassland and wood pasture, protected water courses, restored hedgerows, created orchards and encouraged a shift towards regenerative farming practices. The current focus is to put together an application to the Landscape Recovery Scheme (LRS), designed to support large-scale projects that require long-term funding to achieve their outcomes. [Photo: Upper Onny Farmers' Group visiting James Rebank’s farm in Cumbria] Previous Next

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