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The story of how Bishop’s Castle’s Climate Action Plan has been achieved

Mike Watkins

7 May 2024

Working together as a Town Council and community group

The Bishop’s Castle Climate Action Group [CAG] had been developing a ‘Sustainability Plan’, drawn-up out of the community’s responses to the 2016 Town Plan survey. Then, in 2019, the group convinced Bishop’s Castle's Town Council to declare a Climate & Nature Emergency, and in return agreed to help produce a Climate Action Plan for the town.

The Climate Action Plan was adopted by the Town Council in early 2020, serving as a template for an active partnership approach, containing actions for the Town Council and for the CAG, with some of the former’s actions – where the Town Council’s resources and knowledge were lacking - being undertaken for them by the CAG. For example, the town’s carbon footprint measurement. A Town Councillor has been allocated the Environment portfolio, and works closely with the CAG, including attending its monthly meetings. The group encourages the Town Council to have an environment item on its agenda quarterly, in line with the quarterly Climate Action Plan audit reports which the CAG submits.

An important lesson learned by our small group, was to avoid including too much detail in the CAP, instead having a focussed and manageable Action Plan section. We have put our more detailed ideas in a separate Part 2 document which will be updated in slower time. A copy of the Bishop's Castle Climate and Nature Action Plan [Part 1] can be read on Light Foot’s website and we welcome other groups downloading and adapting it for their own areas as required.

We are happy to help with any questions other groups may have on this subject. Please get in touch by e-mailing

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