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The New Newsletter: SSCA and ZCS joining forces

Jane Cullen (Chair, South Shropshire Climate Action (SSCA) & Chris Deaves (Chair, Zero Carbon Shropshire) 

1 Jul 2024

Why is it NEW?

SSCA and ZCS have decided to combine forces to create a Shropshire-wide communication on all things Climate. This first edition brings together all of Shropshire and Telford and Wrekin's climate activity in one place: best practice, information and events from more groups will reach deeper and wider in our community.

We hope this will inspire you to tell all of us more about your activities so that we can reach beyond the traditional ‘green bubble’. Do you consider yourself ‘inside’ or ‘outside’ the bubble and why? We’ll print the best answers!

This new start is timely as it coincides with a change of government. We also need a change of direction and sense of urgency. Our united, louder voice will influence policies and encourage action.

We have produced a report on the highly successful ‘Accelerating Change’ conference organised by SSCA, ZCS and SOS.  It explored how local groups, charities, businesses, public services and individuals can work together, Best of all, young people helped lead and deliver the day.  This short video of the event is well worth a watch (our thanks to the film maker Robin Fellows-Weir).  The conference and the NEW newsletter are examples of how working together can develop momentum and bring benefits to all of Shropshire.

Please tell us your experiences and ideas for great partnerships and what you are doing or planning. Never underestimate the power of your ideas.

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