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SSCA met with Philip Dunne (MP for the Ludlow Constituency)

Nick Read

11 Apr 2023

SSCA discussed our first 6 months and next steps

On Tuesday 11th April Jane Cullen (SSCA Chair), Fiona Morgan and Nick Read (SSCA Project Co-ordinators) met local MP Philip Dunne.

Although Philip had met both Jane and Nick previously this was an opportunity to introduce Fiona and to highlight the progress that had been made since the appointment of the two Project Coordinators in June. He was impressed with the level of activity within his constituency, the degree of coordination and collaboration that was being achieved, but also recognised the need to significantly increase climate-related actions.

A sense of urgency had been engendered by a recent visit of the Environmental Audit Committee (which Philip chairs) to the UK Arctic Research Station, whose scientists warn that global warming is proceeding faster in arctic regions than had been predicted.

Philip also indicated that the Climate and Ecology Bill (currently going through the House of Lords) was unlikely to have enough parliamentary time to succeed in the House of Commons. On a more positive note he wanted to use his influence to enable clusters of farmers to work together on landscape scale interventions.

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