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SSCA at the South Shropshire Youth Forum Annual Conference, Craven Arms

Fiona Morgan

24 Jun 2023

Working with young people to make a difference

We had a fantastic day at the South Shropshire Youth Conference, joining in a whole range of activities with the young people who attended, including a Bushcraft session in the beautiful Discovery Centre grounds, and watching local youth drama group productions centred around the concerns of young people including the climate crisis, pollution and Artificial Intelligence.  

We had the opportunity to play the brilliant new board game called Youth Chance designed by young people from South Shropshire Youth Forum (with financial support from SSCA and other organisations), where you set out to organise a youth project. We had one of the designers, Dominique Dodd, in our group who helped to explain the rules of the game where players are given a budget to work out what their priorities for their project are and how to deal with the potential barriers and opportunities projects face including staffing and resources. We all agreed it was a fantastic learning opportunity and we had fun designing our own eco project. Well done to all those involved!

We contributed to the day by holding a clothes swap, with clothes kindly donated by the Cuan Wildlife Rescue charity shop in Shrewsbury, to encourage those attending to reuse things and avoid waste thereby reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions, and by taking an exhibition of photos by students at Hereford Sixth Form for their A level Photography course.  The students’ assignment was to create pictures showing what they thought important about the environment having heard from Nick and Jane about South Shropshire Climate Action’s work and report ‘Next Steps’, with impressive results.

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