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Shropshire and Telford Community Energy (STCE) take ownership of Twemlows solar farm

Robert Saunders

11 Nov 2023

Bringing the benefits of solar power to Shropshire communities

Congratulations to STCE on their good news - they can proceed with taking local ownership of Twemlows solar farm for the benefit of our community, generating funds for local projects whilst producing green electricity. STCE, together with partners in Community Energy

Together, have negotiated an increased junior loan offer from Power to Change and Big Society Capital. Through their portfolio of five share offers on Ethex, they have collectively raised over £1.3 million. By bringing Twemlows and the other solar farms into community ownership, they will generate a collective community benefit fund of around £20 million over the next 18 years to support other green schemes in and around Shropshire and Telford.

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