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Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s visit to Bishop’s Castle’s wind turbine public meeting in April

Mike Watkins

1 Apr 2023

Lightfoot (members of SSCA 's network) show their support for the development of the Bishop's Castle Heat Network

At a public meeting in Bishop’s Castle this month, called to report on the progress of the projected Wind-Turbine-powered Bishop’s Castle’s Community Heat & Wind Network, over 70 people responded to Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s request for a show of hands to vote on the authenticity of the climate crisis, the use of on-shore Wind-Turbines as one means of countering it and, specifically, on whether a Wind Turbine should be used for BC’s Community Heat & Wind Network.  There was an overwhelmingly positive response to all his questions, with only a few dissenting or undecided.  Hugh proffered an opportunity to those unconvinced or unsure to join his team to visit and learn from other renewable energy projects that will be covered as part of the Channel 4 documentary, which is to be screened in the autumn. 

The Heat and Wind network, designed by Sharenergy and Carbon Alternatives with funding from Shropshire & Telford Community Energy, would supply heat from an air-source heat pump powered by a Wind Turbine, which could be pumped to at least 100 houses in the Town as well as the Community College,  the SpArC Leisure Centre and Enterprise House. The Heat Network would not be financially viable without the Wind Turbine.  The scheme would result in a massive reduction in carbon emissions for the Town – which has an above average carbon footprint, dependent, as it is, on oil and LPG heating -  and enable people to get rid of their boilers and oil tanks.  A response is awaited from Shropshire Council to a pre-planning application for the Wind Turbine.

A FAQs document about the scheme can be accessed via this link.  To find out more about the project please

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